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For business owners or entrepreneurs, it goes without saying that location and appearance are two key factors in the success of the endeavor. From finding the perfect spot to creating a space that is appealing to potential customers, there’s a lot that goes into guaranteeing a positive long-term outcome for a business. Thankfully, Tie beam Construction is here to help business owners along the way.


    At Tie Beam Construction, we pride ourselves on constructing the perfect commercial spaces for aspiring and established business owners alike, giving them the building, they need to allow their business to flourish.

    Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for the perfect space to get your business off the ground, or you’ve been around for a while and need some more space to accommodate your growing staff, Tie Beam Construction has the skills and experience you’re looking for.


    At Tie Beam Construction, we understand how important it is to have an accessible location for your business. After all, we’re business owners too! With this in mind, Tie Beam Construction ensures the fastest turnaround time on projects without sacrificing quality, all with the goal of minimizing the impact our work has on your business.

    Whether we are providing clients with a commercial space intended for a brand-new business, or the space will serve as a new location for an existing business, we are committed to completing commercial construction projects within the agreed upon timeframe.

    We specialize in turn-key construction services, so once our work is completed you can move in and get your business up and running,


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    If you’re interested in our services but want to find out more about our prices, simply ask us for a quote! There’s no obligation to work with us, but by getting a quote you’ll be able to see just how competitive our rates are. As a small company, we’ve worked hard to build lasting relationships with suppliers of high quality materials, and we pass our savings onto you.


    We’re committed to providing straightforward service, which means we’ll never recommend something unless it’s actually necessary for the structural and aesthetic integrity of the building. Your satisfaction and budget are incredibly important to us, so we won’t try to push you to spend more than you need to.


    We take our time, but we won’t waste yours. By working carefully yet efficiently, Tie Beam is able to complete even the most complex of remodeling jobs within the agreed upon timeline, so you can start enjoying your new commercial space even faster.

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