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Concrete has long since been viewed as an excellent building material. It has consistently shown to be a high quality construction material, bringing durability, affordability and versatility together into a strong, reliable material.

Concrete is perfectly suited for both commercial and residential construction projects, and with a skilled hand can be integrated into the interior of a building, in the form of countertops or beautiful stamped tiles. Tie Beam Construction  has extensive experience working with concrete, and can enhance your home or office with our work.


    When poured correctly, concrete can last for years without requiring extensive upkeep, but if it is poor quality concrete, or is incorrectly mixed or poured, not only will it not last as long, but it will be of inferior quality.

    Depending on what the concrete is being used for, this could be a mere annoyance, but if the concrete is used as a load bearing material, the results could be devastating. Avoid costly repairs and high risk situations, and trust the experienced professionals at Tie Beam Conswith your concrete work.



    The benefits don’t end there, though. Concrete is widely regarded as a low maintenance alternative to other materials. It is fire proof and absorbs heat efficiently, so using it as a construction material can result in a reduced energy bill. It’s no wonder it’s one of the most commonly used construction materials—the benefits are numerous and diverse.

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    Part of what makes concrete such an excellent building material is its versatility. Concrete is well suited for everything and its affordability.


    Beyond being a sturdy material to use in the construction of foundations or floors, concrete can also be used to create intricately stamped tiles that add value to a home or outdoor area.


    Over the years, Tie Beam Constr has worked on projects of all sizes, and has accumulated a substantial portfolio that includes both commercial and residential work.

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